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We have got a full fledge R&D centre with modern equipments & technology in Navi Mumbai in the heart of  India’s Industrial Area (i.e. TTC Industrial Area) from where best possible logistic support for R&D and other business transactions will takes place.

We have highly proficient & experienced team of Scientists & Technocrats. We are ready to supply a product from gram to kilogram scale and from laboratory to pilot plant to large (commercial) scale production. Our facility also can take up Contract Research Projects.

In-house expertise in product development ensures a quick turnaround time in areas such as:

  1. Project/Product Identification
  2. Literature evaluation/ Patent study
  3. API process development (Tech – Transfer documents)
    • Development history
    • Process write – up
    • Process Validation
    • Material Balance
    • Characterization data
    • Quality of key raw materials
    • Raw Material (API) consumption for 1 kg finished product (FP).
    • Stability data
    • DMF preparation & compilation
    • Summary

  4. Commercial batch production


  • A place for Applied Research for Chemical synthesis, Biotransformation/Enzymatic Reactions, Chiral Technology and related industrial Research & Development (R&D), Scale ups.
  • We have a team of Scientist and Technocrats with us and the infrastructure in place that is capable of shaping a concept from molecule to pre-commercial & commercial level.
  • The team and infrastructure is also capable of the betterment of process conditions by continuously evaluating and modifying to achieve higher consistency in quality, new product development and cost efficiency.
  • Our lab has all equipments for process evaluation from mg to 50Kg level.
  • That includes all the Glassware and accessories required for above scale.
  • We also have analytical lab and analytical method development facility, which is equipped with HPLCs, GCs, FTIR.
  • Our associated analytical lab equipped with NMR, GCMS, LCMS Digital Polarimeter, DSC/TG, Atomic Absorption etc.
  • With above team and infrastructure we can undertake CRO/CRM work in the field of following
    • Synthesis of simple to complex organic molecules, Industrial R&D of Chemical Process Development  from Milligram scale to Kilogram scale in lab.
    • Biotransformations/Enzymetic Reactions and their Scale ups.
    •  Chiral Technology related work.


We aspire to:
Grow through territory expansions, partnerships, globalization and subsidiaries in potential markets.
Emerge as a leading global player in high quality, innovative specialty API.
Our products are updated continuously to suit the changing needs of our customers.
We are building and establishing our brands as we gain significant strengths in chosen markets